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Elettra Wiedermann
Elettra Wiedermann



All editorial assignments are negotiated directly with the assigning editor, photo editor, or managing editor of the specific publication on an assignment by assignment basis. 



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This information is for estimating purposes only, specific and detailed information is required for any price quote. 

Please contact me directly for a quote. 917-601-2695 or giorgio@dailyfrontrow.com. 


I am in the business of creating photographs and commerce requires structure. 

Thank you for your consideration and your review of my pricing. Please realize that the prices shown below are only estimates of costs. Please contact me for a detailed estimate of charges. 

My price structure is based on a variety of factors, primarily usage and the number of images you require to be created.  


Two main factors determine fair pricing for photography, usage and the number of images created. Details follow. 

Usage addresses the manner and frequency that an image will be utilized.  

An image that is created for use in a small, regional, consumer magazine is priced less than one created for use in an advertisement in a national consumer magazine and/or annual report for a major corporation.  

The Number of Images you require is an important factor.  

Discounts come into play when we are asked to provide photography for an entire project annual report, entire brochure, Look Book or other project requiring multiple images. 

Time: I do not charge based on my time. Many of my shoots involve some sort of disruption to your work place and I know you've hired me for my experience in order to keep that interruption to a minimum.  

Our working style is quick, courteous and professional.  

All of the following items may or may not be itemized in the quote, but they are all considered in your quote. 

• Assistants 

• Other crew if required 

• Hair and or Make up professional 

• Wardrobe stylist and coordinator 

• Production coordinator 

• Casting 

• Model and or Agency fees 

• Lighting tests 

• Props 

• Wardrobe 

• Set construction 

• Location fees and or Permits 

• Delivery charges 

• Transportation 

• Travel days for photographer and crew 

• Weather days or postponment 

• Rentals, equipment 

• Rentals, car or truck (location) 

• Meals (once on location) 

• Kraft Services (catering and lunches) 

• Sets expendables items 

• Digital charges including downloading, conversions,  

web proofs, paper proofs, hard drive space. 

• Retouching file processing 

• Web Galleries (hosting) 

• Prints 

• Other miscellaneous items. 



Corporate use is defined as: Photographs used in external company literature, promotional and sales brochures, catalogs, annual reports, Look Books, POP material, etcetera. 


Creative Fee

(estimate only) 

Look Books 

Minimum $2000 

Annual Reports  

Minimum $2900 


Capabilities Brochure,  


Minimum $2100 


Sales Brochure,  


Minimum $3400 


Sales Sheet,  


Minimum $1300 


Corporate Collateral Brochure,  


Minimum $2,000 


Product Packaging  



CD/DVD Packaging  




Licensing Fee Estimate for Web Site Placement 

The rates shown are the fees to license 12 months media usage for a single image used as the main illustration on a corporate web site. Expenses, are not included. 

Intended Web Use  

Creative Fee 


www Home Page:  



www 2nd Level Page:  



www Banner:  




Executive Portraits for PR Purposes  

Creative Fee 

First Subject, your location  



First subject, in studio  



Each additional subject (person)  



Web Gallery  

$50 (remains online for 30 days) 


Digital Post Processing, per selection  

$100 to $200 . 



License is granted for 1) submission to wire services, 2) publishing images in newspapers and trade publications, and 3) in-house promotional use and press kits, for a period of one year. Images may be used for mementos, gifts, and other personal use without restriction. 



I do not supply clients with original receipts for any expenses for several reasons. I can give you copies of the original receipts for services incured in the production of your photo shoot within reason. 

That said, please consider that we are independent contractors, not employees.  

When tax time comes, the IRS requires us to provide receipts to verify expenses on our Schedule C. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) does not require you to have those receipts on hand.  

It is critical to the success of our business to maintain a proprietary supplier’s network. 

This applies to assistants and crew as well, it is critical throughout our supplier chain.  

Please discuss with us any issues you have with this policy before signing our contract for photographic services. 



For some photo buyers, the term "buyout" is interpreted as meaning the client can use the photo for unlimited placements for an unlimited time. Other buyers interpret "buyout" to mean a copyright transfer, or outright ownership. Unfortunately, the term "buyout" is not a legal term, is vague, and has different meanings to different people. In almost all cases, the client knows how the images he or she requires will be used and for how long. 

Unlimited usage requests are costly and in most cases will result in an estimate that must take into consideration unlimited worldwide usage. 


Write Giorgio@DailyFrontRow.com 

Call, 917-601-2695 

Giorgio Niro  

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